We started life as a boutique content and strategy consultancy to evolving into a 360 degree marketing solutions provider.

We understand the brand and the business and then look at the holistic picture to deliver results for our valued customers. As we work together, your concerns, your problems, your customers become our focus-point. We work with you to understand and provide solutions that have a positive impact on your business.

While individual members bring in specialised domain expertise, the team comes together to solve problems for our partners. Meet our Guardians

We help your brand evolve by creating experiences that your audiences would love. We help companies evolve by designing best-in-class experiences rooted in data, technology and organizational strategy required for operational excellence.

We gather insights.
We understand the digital consumer.
We deliver excellence across content,
creative, technology & strategy.
We dive deep and find solutions that work.
We help make technology work for you.

Our solutions are always tailor-made, intending to solve problems that choke organisational efficiencies. Thus, are made unified brand experiences that change industries and foster meaningful relationships with end-users.  Know our Services

Rajiv has the boss' hat along with a few others which he loves donning at different times. He's a fashionista. He's been around ever since mankind discovered black t-shirts. An ardent lover of pre-historic jokes, he's a strong believer in sarcasm, probably the only 'sm' he trusts. Rajiv has a great sense of humour. Meet him once and you'll know!

On some days, when we believe things can’t take a bad turn anymore, our office doors slam open and there enters a figure. ‘The revolution is here, my friends,’ announces the visitor. That's him, he’s always talking about revolutionary ideas on how to take a brand on the next level.

Kamala, the unstoppable force of client services! With lightning-fast communication skills, she weaves words like a master storyteller. Always up to something exciting, she brings a spark of joy to every interaction. Prompt and reliable, she's like a superhero with impeccable timing. From witty banter to delightful surprises, Kamala turns every moment into a memorable adventure. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Unnoticeable behind the big screen she is always busy racking her brain with mnemonics, designs and logos. A laughter train herself, often finds it difficult to stop laughing even if she is the only one in the room. Her pets, the fighter and the goldie families, are always around her making sure the birdie doesn't kidnap her.

Meet Melvin, the SEO analyst with a memory like a steel trap! He recalls dates, times, and events with eerie precision. When not optimizing websites, he embarks on thrilling adventures, exploring new lands. With dreams of starring in a psycho thriller, he'll give you chills with his acting skills. But beware, his gross food reels may make you lose your appetite—unless you're Melvin, the fearless foodie!

Food is her second love. She is all over the place and difficult to go unnoticed with her Malappuram accent. She handles social when she's bored of her heartbreaks and coffee breaks which she always makes sure to share. She's a terrific dancer and is capable of representing the entire team in a mega-group dance. Yamuna is always seen around Shifna.

She's got a knack for numbers. Zeroes are her best friends and she finds ways to add them to her account but is extra careful when it comes to giving them away. Nima keeps the team going with her wit, wisdom and knack. She's figuring out what the others are doing when she pulls her head out of the screen in front.

She's crawly. She knows exactly what you are looking for! She'll rank and index you based on your content. Just like her BFF Google, she'll always have a reply to anyone asking anyone else anything in the office! It's rumoured, a competitor once tried to lock her by her locks and she managed to escape unscathed. A part-time DJ and full-time foodie at FS/, Nikitha uses her prowess to keep your websites on top of Google.

We always look forward to Shifna going home. Her mom is an amazing cook. She's the one to like your posts and share them first. Beware of her gentle looks, she's a power-lifter when it comes to anything outside work. She can uplift a water can with as much ease as she can your mood. You can count on her to agree with almost anything you say.

Unnimaya, the digital design dynamo with a touch of whimsy! She dances effortlessly between pixels, crafting vibrant visuals that come to life. When not behind the screen, she hits the perfect whistle tones, serenading the world with her melodic voice. Armed with a camera, she captures slices of life, transforming them into captivating stories. Maya is a creative sorceress, conjuring magic with her talents.

Sabin sees an opportunity to animate, through every window. He's a master at drawing emotions and can make anyone smile, at the move of his mouse. We sometimes doubt, if Sabin's hiding behind an animated mask of silence. We'll wait for the day he unveils his true avatar.

Miraj is not a person! He is a phenomenon we're still trying to understand. He cannot keep his hands off the keyboard and eyes off the screen, even if neither are his. He often hides behind a smile and confuses the rest of the team with his indistinct murmurs. True to his name, he remains a mystery!.

Sudhin is a sleeping volcano. He is usually the epitome of calmness. He hardly speaks! He's always browsing, cracking a code or two. He's our web stack personified. When he's not working, you'll find him munching his lunch or snacks or cracking a silent joke or two.

Always engrossed in finding out what the other one said, Ann is a dancer and model you can always count on! While she calls it competitor analysis or seeking inspiration, we only know that NO one can escape her surveillance. She's also a master at metamorphosizing herself on social media so that no one actually gets to figure out what she does, not even our little birdie! That way, she keeps the team busy with some intriguing content.

Lakshmi, the unstoppable content head and linguistic dynamo with a hangout plan for every day of the week! With her headphones on, she grooves to the beat, bringing the party wherever she goes. She's the queen of connections, knowing more people than a phonebook. Though mistaken for having attitude, she's a food-sharing sweetheart. Bursting with ideas and speaking in movie dialogues, Lakshmi is a one-woman entertainment extravaganza!

The secret is, he takes your breath away with his own! Gowtham is like a charged wire. Touch him and you'll know. Everyone keeps him at bay just for their own safety which is why Gowtham stays totally focused. While it may a while to crack his electrified aura, his wit is as loud as his breath. Wonder what keeps him so charged? That's creativity!

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