We started life as a boutique content and strategy consultancy to evolving into a 360 degree marketing solutions provider.

We understand the brand and the business and then look at the holistic picture to deliver results for our valued customers. As we work together, your concerns, your problems, your customers become our focus-point. We work with you to understand and provide solutions that have a positive impact on your business.

While individual members bring in specialised domain expertise, the team comes together to solve problems for our partners. Meet our Guardians

You are looking for an agency that gives:

  • The Best ROI
  • Strategic Approach
  • Thumbstopper Creative Route
  • Optimized content
  • Quick TAT
  • Values long-term relationship

The buck stops here!

We think for the brand and make ourselves an extension of your marketing team. We've been doing fair enough to nurture long-term relationships with everyone associated so far.

It’s a Yeti, it’s a Bigfoot, it’s Jojo! If you are lucky, you might get the privilege to see Jojo in person. He’s always on the move looking for new opportunities, new vistas, new avenues while always looking at a brand to be benefited.

Rajiv is the practical voice in the group who tether us back to reality. Rajiv is quite taken with the Western culture and frequently runs unsuccessful campaigns for people to address him ‘O’Captain My Captain’ or ‘Your lordship’. But we constantly remind him that he is wide awake and no longer has jurisdiction.

On some days, when we believe things can’t take a bad turn anymore, our office doors slam open and there enters a figure. ‘The revolution is here, my friends,’ announces the visitor. That's him, he’s always talking about revolutionary ideas on how to take a brand on the next level.

Who, in reality, killed John F Kennedy? Where can we find the last unicorn? When will the world actually end? To know the answers, look up in a text document in Geetha’s notebook, which she fondly refers to as ‘THE FILE!’. The File! was created during the French Revolution and has been self-creating entries since then.

Unnoticeable behind the big screen she is always busy racking her brain with mnemonics, designs and logos. A laughter train herself, often finds it difficult to stop laughing even if she is the only one in the room. Her pets, the fighter and the goldie families, are always around her in the office making sure the birdie doesn't kidnap her.

We are still deciphering Bibin, some say he is not who he really is in office, and that he transforms into a different person when amongst his friends who speak art, books and movies and otherworldly things. As far as we know, he always has a big grin and works his magic with Photoshop. Bibin has this magical ability to trigger a debate every time he changes his desktop background.

Arshad believes that his glasses can act as lead magnets! He wears his glasses once inside the office and is forever searching for leads. Legend says he is still searching. He's always seen with Aswin. Our birdie says Arshad keeps a ransom handy just in case his leads kidnap him. We're figuring out whether he's disguising himself with short and long hairstyles or has a dual personality!

He is always on the move! His other interests include creating videos for which reason he is always wanted. Always seen with an innocent smile, Aswin currently holds the record for spending the longest time in office, videos have forcibly become his newfound love. An unknown birdie tells us, he's a pro at jumbling names too.

Food is her first love. She is all over the place and difficult to go unnoticed with her Malappuram accent. She handles social when she's bored of her light breaks and making coffee which she always makes sure to share. Yamuna is always seen around Shifna.

We always look forward to Shifna going home. Her mom is an amazing cook. Shifna is always engrossed in her own world of social media, creating reels and making presentations with Yamuna or scheduling posts. You can count on her to agree with almost anything you say.

She is always engrossed in finding out what the other one said! While she calls it competitor analysis or seeking inspiration, we only know that NO one can escape her surveillance. She's also a master at metamorphosizing herself on social media so that no one actually gets to figure out what she does, not even our little birdie! That way, she keeps the team busy with some intriguing content.

Behold a true testament of human civilization, the culmination of evolution, the glint in Charles Darwin's eyes; we are talking about Akhosh's beard, of course. While Akhosh is a threat to civilization and a cul-de-sac that made evolution doubt its capabilities. Akhosh dons many hats and Akhosh, if you are reading this, please return them.

She exists! She has always been around and will continue to. She has a passion for zeroes and has the perfect collection. Infinite is totally out of bounds though! She often uses Tally to keep account and pays regularly to prove her point.

Realign your marketing goals with Strategic Brand Management. We enable your brand to make the most of the market.
Business & Brand Consulting
Product and Consumer Research
Brand and Campaign Planning

From words to visuals, we cover every aspect of storytelling. We craft unique, impactful and engaging brand stories.
Social Media
Public Relations
Influencer Marketing
Blog Marketing
Content management

Enabling technology solutions for your brand. We empower your business with high-performance technology solutions.
Brand Websites
Ecommerce Solutions
Google analytics
Sales Automation
CRM, Email Marketing Solutions
Workflow Management Solutions
Micro ERP
  Moving Enterprise to a Mobile Driven Economy
Custom Product builds
Election Management Platform
Hospital Management Systems

Mapping your customer journey with an impactful brand experience. We give your brand a great identity, bring out awesome designs for print/digital, and create enchanting user experiences.
Logo Development
Brand Identity
Brand and Campaign Planning
Print / Digital
Animation and Illustrations

Bringing the numbers that matter to your business. We put strategy to practice to ensure maximum ROI.
Media Planning
Media Buying
Performance Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search engine marketing
Content seeding

From customer insights to gauging the efficiency of your campaigns, we use data insights for devising the strategy and measuring performance.
Consumer Experience
Digital Command Centers
Customer Experience Management
Data & Insights
Online Reputation Management

Taking experiential marketing to the next level. We ideate, visualize and execute AV projects with precision and promptness.
Brand & Corporate Films
Customer Testimonials

Wider audience, quicker outreach and lasting recall. We take your brand to your target groups.

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